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Re: 1st CT Lake Report

Hey Big John, Don't think it's just N.H. they do it over in maine also, I didn't get to go this past weekend (had other priorties) but Rob, his brother and another friend went out on the tubb to sebago and had a hell of a time getting on the lake and even harder time getting off, as he said it looked like they had drawn down more water while they were out there fishing, all 4 wheels of the truck were in the water thats the only way they could load the boat. They also drew down richardson lake when we went up a couple weeks ago and that was hard to launch and load as well. don't know why the heck they do it but it sure is a pain in the butt. Gonna try Rangley lake this sunday, just hoping we can get the tubb on the lake up there. Take Care God Bless LOL Dave

Re: 1st CT Lake Report

I hear you guys on this one my boat is almost sitting on the ground as of right now! Lake is Super Low! The dock where I keep my boat is usually plenty deep, but now I'm afraid with some wind it could blow her about two feet forward and up onto the nice rocks that are sitting there just waiting to ruin my day!!!

Cool Water

Re: 1st CT Lake Report

Squam has rocks popping up I never new were there, lots of shallow spots and not worth fishing in the closing days..

Re: 1st CT Lake Report

I just got a report from NHDES/Dam Bureau.
According to them, the average Lake level in mid September is 10.9feet, and that is the exact reading today. It certainly looks lower than in years past, although I have seen it lower.


Re: 1st CT Lake Report

If they can draw it all down at one time. It make less work for them. Then they can go back on vacation.

Re: 1st CT Lake Report

I understand one big draw down is not possible for people downstream of the dams and I can understand that.

But it's a long ways off to ice in, they would have plenty of time (I think) if they would ahere to the schedued draw down date of Comlubus Day that they state for my of the lakes.

I hit a rock (no damage) two weeks ago on Squam and I know that lake pretty **** good, JR had a close call last weekend.

I hate to say it, but I think it's a loosing battle, but it helps to vent here. If Fish and Game can't talk to them, how can we, they are in the same building ?

Big John

Re: 1st CT Lake Report

Hope they don't have to get a fire boat? Out to one of the islands. On Squam.Sounds like it would be real interesting.