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Re: Plans Idea's post here...

Here are my suggestions in no particular order of importance

Dear Trav advice column – “Dear Travis, I just bought a brand new Mako and my wife is threatening to leave me if I don’t return it. What should I do” Signed, Mako Mike
“Mike, I would recommend a stand up top, Cannon down riggers and Otter boats” Not in this vein but you get the idea, fishing related questions only.

Swap a seat, and make sure to run the openings to the Champlain site somehow and vice versa – we could have a good thing going with the Champlain guys doing swaps back and forth to both lakes, sharing information and tips.

Tab for hunting – maybe one for big game and one foe small game

Help wanted – this could work two ways, for those of us who are looking at a project and need extra resources, also, if your employer has openings post them up – this is a tough economy.

Swap Meet for all the stuff we all end up not using and want to sell

FAQ forum where one of us writes a topic about, say, bearing packing, building stairs, or loading videos onto the site. We are a pretty talented bunch and the people on this site know a lot about a wide assortment of subjects. This could be on a separate tab and a fast way for someone to get information without waiting for one of us to log on and see a question.

At Christmas every year, we should donate to a fund and you or your delegate choose a needy family whose kids are facing a rough Christmas, and use the donations to make a better holiday for those kids.

I saved the best for last. Arrange a fishing venture for a bunch of underprivileged kids, and we could all take one or two kids out, we could all be in the same area, kids could keep in touch on the radio, I for one would do it in a heart beat. Prizes for the kids after, and a cookout or something. There are a lot of kids out there who will never have the opportunity to fish the big lake, and we just might turn some young person in the right direction by introducing them to fishing.

OK, Throbbin Rods – Off the soapbox.

Re: Plans Idea's post here...

Gee I like alot of those ideas Bill, I bet I know 14 5th graders right now that would jump at that possibility, I'd even bet I could get the teacher to get a bus to bring the kids, Man what I field trip that would be in the spring!!!!!!!! Those children would be talking about that for the last two months of school. Great Ideas Bill, I also like the idea of making a section similar to the RFP's except for all us young whipper snappers who may feel like RFP's but still got a long ways to go LOL Take Care God Bless LOL Dave