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Website Situation

Hello All, I do not want anyone getting the wrong idea about this transaction! Travis and I have pretty much just switched places, it is still very much "our" website. I simply cannot keep up with the site, between work, my girls and chartering I dont have a seconds worth of time to myself. I can barely tread water so Trav and I had a very detailed agreement written up. Everything will remain exactly how it is including my charter business as well as the fleet, the only difference is that Travis will be taking care of the updates and will be more involved in the decision making process. I created this site for fun and in the past few years have done nothing but stress over it so like Travis said in his post I can now sit back and enjoy it while still being very much involved! Thank You all for your continued support,
A.J. (Salmonitis)

Re: Website Situation

Thanks for the update AJ. And thank you very much for all your efforts in the past and future, creating and maintaining this great site!