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Re: Off topic survey question

John, like you said, the fees will add up. The info the creditor sent me today said 0.4% per transaction. At first, I thought that was great... but then I just realized that is only the middle-mans fee. The credit card company then takes another 2 to 5 percent. Whoa... thats a lot of money. I do some jobs that are 30 grand or more. No way would I consider losing 5% of that money just so someone can use a card. Not worth it. Okay, so I already made my decision... no cards here. haha.

Exactly, the fees are there but I'm not sure the are that high, the 4 to 5 percent is standard, high activity they drop it some, but another 2 to 5 percent
I'm not sure.

It's a good chunck on a 30,000 job, if you build it in somehow, might put you over the budget.

Good desicion.
Big John

Re: Off topic survey question

IMHO, I think you should look into the expense & paperwork (time) vs benefit on the credit cards. I'm sure that CC's might bring in a little more business. Not sure if it would help your bottom line. I am not sure if issueing credit to your customers was an option. If it was, I would strongly reccomend against that. I personally know of two lumber business' one huge, one small, that were brought down primarily due to bad receivables. In this economy, bankruptcy, is not uncommon. Even if a customer does not declare bankruptcy, chasing money is a frusrating reality. I would think that you would need a current cash flow to buy materials and pay for labor, including yours!
Hope this helps Craig.

Re: Off topic survey question

I've been accepting cc for 10 years. most of my cc transactions are for lawn sprinker repair and services, however, I do regularly have people pay their installations with cc because of miles and free gifts. my rate is about 2.65% with a .25 cents per transaction fee. But I get my money in 24 hours, no bounced checks, no chasing money. On a $3,000 install, it costs me less than $100.00. I can live with that to get my money. Just my 2 cents. Don't do American express, their fees are outrageous. good luck

Re: Off topic survey question

As a consumer i would say that it is worth it for you to take credit cards.

I have used them almost exclusively since I had a whole lot of trouble with a carpet installer I had in my house several years ago. It was a nightmare experience that i won't go into but ultimately i was able to reverse the charge on my CC until the job was done to my satisfaction. Prior to doing so I could not get him to answer my calls after he left the job 3/4 done. One he was out $1100 he was at my house 2 days later.