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Re: G2Jigger

I got a nice long e mail from Paul Dubriske Cut2Spec (G2 jigger) they have updated the web site and list all the new products for 2010. Check em out at http://www.cut2spec.com/

They show all the new products and prices, Russ Johnson and I will keep a few of each on hand next season if you want to buy direct, no flies and save on shipping. We make nothing on this and do it as a friendly service to local fisherman and to help the Dubricke's out. Right now we have none of the new stuff, orders will go through Cut2Spec.. They are building an inventory for Christmas.

Russ Johnson and I tested all the G2 products for 100's (more like 300 plus) of hours last summer and fall. We found some bugs the Dubriske's didn't know about, mostly wear issues. They were quick to change materials for longer wear, etc. and made a few other recomended changes. I feel they will hold up for all serious fisherman that put 30 plus hours a week on the ponds and certainly for the weekend warriors.
If not the Dubiske's offer lifetime guarentee and will re-work or replace any defective units, but I doubt it will be needed..

These guys are dedicated to state of the art fishing tools, they worked on the original G2 for years to get it where it is today and feel it is ready for all fisherman.

A bit on thier Streamers, not your average streamer, they are built to last, super designs and colors. A few are a bit pricey like the Maynards in Pauls own words: Maynards are more expensive because it takes an entire golden pheasant crest to tie one fly. Golden Pheasant crest are expensive-4_- 6 dollars each and hard to find good long crests. These guys don't skimp anywhere, they make and sell what they want to use themselves. We were very happy with thier streamers, so if you go for a deal that includes streamers, you wont regret it.

Check out thier web site and give em a call if you have any questions.

I'll make another "new post" and put most of his correspondence to me on the newere G2 products, this post is too long.

The G2's will catch more fish, I promise, try a few and if you want the complete package, add one of Jim's Rod Pumpers to yoiur arsenal..

I can't plug one without the other, both these tools, used together will put lots of big fish in your boat.

Big John