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Re: Winni

i live on a lake down here in mass, i get an association flyer every summer mentioning how much damage my dog brings to the lake while i look at big grass lots with chem lawn service all summer long. doesnt quite equate in my book. that new gas swelled and split a couple gas lines on my boat last summer, wonder how much raw gas was dumped into the lake because of leaks we didnt see that were caused by that newer gas. there is alot of reasons for the fishery to be the way it is, getting the winni committee together like was mentioned could help get more of these issues addressed or atleast looked at which would be a good thing over all

Re: Winni

I agree. Its all the MA. residents polluting the lake.

Re: Winni

There was a report in the news that these chemicals are causing massive imbalance on the gender of the fish in the US. Bass are becoming hermaphroditic - males are making eggs and not milt!!

If that is happening with the smelt, that wouldn't be good.

Of course, with all the technology to analyze the effects of chemicals far out way the pollution of the 60's and 70's where dissovled oxygen levels outright killed fish.

for what it's worth.


Re: Winni

I agree. Its all the MA. residents polluting the lake.

Are you serious in your statement and who are you agreeing with ?

Big John from Mass

Re: Winni

No, I am only half serious. I was making a joke/play on words.

Joe Bahnan
Alton Bay