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Re: Salmon

I tend to agree with the article on the catch and release problem. Talking to a game warden this week end on the ice he also feels if we did away with catch and release the salmon would thrive.Catch your 2 legal size fish and go home.

Not that simple maybe, seems the crux of the hook wounding problem is young, under legal size fish "repeatedly" being caught and released. So if you if you catch and release bunch of them trying to get your two keepers and then go home, the damage was still done.

But that could also be tough on the guys that commute a few hours each way, they could be done and ready to go home before the sun comes up, ugh..

This is a direct effect of fishing pressure no matter how you cut it, more fisherman, more hook wounding, more growth issues. But with increased pressure comes a boost to the areas economy, etc. Seems like no easy solution.

I'm thinking there is no solid fix to "hook wounding" unless the barbless hooks, etc. help considerably ??

I'm sure they are discussing of all sorts of alterntives. Time will tell what they might propose, it's up to us to hear them out and make alternative suggestions if we don't agree with thiers.

I'm starting to believe the best fix, may be "do nothing at all", it is what it is, which has been one of the ideas being discussed. At first I thought that's crazy, but if if came to canning the Salmon program or leave everything as is, doing nothing don't look so bad. However, without good supply of Salmon eggs, can the program survive ?????

I hope they can come up with a plan that will work for everyone, but it does seem an unlikely possiblility.

Maybe it's just an inevitable cycle we are experiencing and it will work out in time ???? Some people don't mind catching smaller Salmon, lots of them and prefer that kind of fishery..

I do have faith in Fish and Game Biologists, they will make the right recomendations, they know how to fix it, they are scientist, but will it be accepted by the Director (who makes the ultimate decision) and the rest of us ???

Big John
Yep, who has way too much time on his hands and is bored stiff.

Re: Salmon

any rule changes that may happen have to be ones that "can be enforced".

For example... if they ban using treble hooks while trolling for salmon... thats easier to enforce, as when they board your boat and inpspect your salmon lures, it becomes clear to the naked eye if your in compliance.

A quit once you have netted 2 keepers... impossable to enforce! Most will never comply with that, it is too easy to lie. just human nature!