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Lets get organized

It is time for us to get our Fish Lake Winni group organized so that we can try and help our State's Salmon fisheries. I don't want other people making decision for all of us who love our Salmon fishing as much as we all do without our voices being heard! I have some ideas as I’m sure many of you do as well but we need to get these ideas narrowed down into one unified voice. I do not wish to run this group but would be honored to be a part of a organization for fisherman made up of fisherman. I need, no we, the Cold Water fishing community need some folks with some organizational skills to step up and get this thing rolling! Anyone who wants in please E-Mail me. I would like to form a board of three people to lead the group. I will not be one of these three I will help get things started than join the mass to help. I encourage all who want to join, join and let your voice be heard in a large organized, uniformed group! There is strength in numbers so lets flex fish lake Winni!!!!!

Cool Water
Travis Williams
Site Owner

Re: Lets get organized

Hello Travis,

I would love to help. I have good skill in all computer software including web sites and presentations. However, work is quite busy right now with a lot of travel. When I am not travelling I am in Concord. So depending on where the committee is based may affect my participation.

With these limitations, I may not best suited to be one of these three people, as I beleive my work and family could trump meeting dates depending on frequency and the time.

However, I would gladly be a scribe for the committee so via a phone call, I could take dictation and provide a professional and concise presentation of "the voice".

Please email me at chris@chappysguide.com if you need anything.



Re: Lets get organized

I have been very busy due to many changes in my life however I would like everyone to know that although I have not been very active on the message board I am greatly concerned with the current issue and am more than ready to do my part! I fully back up Travis' words in his past few posts and agree that we need to get the ball rolling asap! I look forward to doing my part to help with all of this and want to show everyone that there is a much larger picture than the one that has been painted!!
A.J. White (Salmonitis)
Lakes Region Fishing Charters

Re: Lets get organized

id like to join the group just not run it... i love to salmon fish and we need to do something to get the fishing back to previoous years reputation

Re: Lets get organized

The Mrs.say's I'm quite disorganized but I'm a good grunt worker.Count me in.polebreaker