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Re: salmon fee?

so is it true what im hearing about a fee to salmon fish in the big lake this year? i saw on a post about a week ago that there may be something of the sorts because of how brutal the salmon fishing has been.. also how are we looking for a possible restock of salmon in the lake? i want some good fishing this year

My understanding is any new or changes in rules will be for "all Salmon Lakes", 20 some odd lakes, not just Winni. But I still haven't heard of any changes, only rumors and that there will be a rules proposal meeting sometime this spring (or sooner)that we best all attend.

A Salmon stamp or special "cold water species" license (like before) would help with the high cost of the Salmon program, which many think is too expensive. I'm in favor of a favor special license which I'm sure all of you are too. I just hope if they do it, the extra funds are used for that purpose only, not search and rescue, etc.

I think the real problem with the "future" of the Salmon program is the size of the stocked Salmon, this has to be fixed, no matter what the cost. Right now all they are stocking (past two years) are very expensive bait sized Salmon and this could very well dwarf the Winni Salmon quality problem very soon.

The quality of the Winni fish I don't think has anything to do with the hatchery problem.

Big John