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OK, lets get organized

I could not agree with Travis and the other folks on this site who want to respond to the current Salmon situation on Winni. This subject is very near and dear to my heart as I am sure it is to many who post and read here. As such, this seems like a very logical place to draft an organized voice, and if possible, affect changes that are likely to come down regardless. Sooner rather then later makes obvious sense. From my perspective as change is already occurring, taking an active role and working to make a united voice heard would increase the liklihood we, as a group, could more positively effect those changes and effect them in ways that may be more palatable.

I would like to propose that we meet next Monday, 2/17 at 7PM. I will explore possible meeting sites and will try and post this ASAP but will need to have some idea as to headcount to be sure we have a space that will accomodate our needs. As time is short, please plan on meeting at least this time somewhere in Concord which may be as central a place as possible.

If you plan to attend please email me ASAP for head count. I agree with Travis's sense that this movement would be best driven by a body of three. I would be glad (honored) to be a third, will welcome nominations or volunteers for the other 2 folks.

Please forward any information that any members may have regarding the problem, any proposals F&G might have whispered, or from any other source. Although this is early in this process, any brain storming ideas from all who visit this site would be welcome. Please forward these to me as well.

Travis, AJ, Chappy, Adrian and any and all other guides who frequent this site and work Winni should very much have a voice. We all recognize this is our worst nightmare come true, so for you folks who rely on the fishing for a living, this must be far worse. We all have a stake in this though, as well as opinions, so please plan on attending or being involved as ideas and consensus allows.

Action of any kind certainly feels better then inaction. Lets get organized.

Re: OK, lets get organized

Sorry, that first line should read I could not agree more with.

Re: OK, lets get organized

If there is a Panera nearby, that is usually a decent place to get together. I frequently meet folks there for business or pleasure. I think that before we go to Concord we should draw up a statement of what our concerns are, and some possible fixes to those concerns. I also think that gathering virtual signatures would help, as there is strength in numbers. We need to present a united front and show that there are many of us with the same concerns. We need to have one person present our case, clearly and succinctly, and all in attendance should be prepared to answer questions. this displays solidarity and team work
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Re: OK, lets get organized

If you roust any interest here, it's a hard group, F and G may let you use their meeting room free of charge. Wont hurt to check with them, I'd come to a meeting, but from the looks of it (so far) we could have it in a closet.

Big John

Re: OK, lets get organized

I would like to be a part of this, I am sure F&G would let you use their meeting room, considering the circumstances. I however can not make it that Monday as I have a class. Let me know if I can do anything to help!

Cody Dodds

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Re: OK, lets get organized

im in let me know date and time