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Huge ice ridge on Winni

I was riding the dirtbike around the lake today. There is a huge ice ridge (5 feet tall in some places) that extends from Moose Island to Rum Point (just east of Minge cove) Also, about 1/4 mile east of Rum Point and the pressure ridge is a river of water running on top of the ice about 1 foot deep and 10 feet wide- approximately 400 yards long. I hit it at about 50mph and was lucky enough to skim across it. Be Careful. Also, for those of you who drive on the ice from Minge Cove Marina- DON'T its unsafe from the outflow of Minge Brook.

Re: Huge ice ridge on Winni

Thanx for the tip Altonbayer. Planning to fish that area sun. or mon. Cal P.

Re: Huge ice ridge on Winni

Rode out again today. The river running on the ice is wider and deeper now- 4 feet deep in some places and 30ft wide with ice underneath- weird I know- the ice buckled down. Its about 1/4 northwest of Little Mark island just outside the mouth of Alton Bay. Watch out.