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Re: cusk hook and sinker set up.


Try this web site Iceshanty


Re: cusk hook and sinker set up.

Thanks for the link, got what I need, now I just need to catch the fish. Thank you.

Re: cusk hook and sinker set up.

there is a conflicting rule in the book on weights so play it safe. a cusk trap can be set up with a sinker one ounce or bigger, but a sinker made of lead cannot be used if its one ounce or smaller. these are two separate rules written in different places in the book, play it safe if your using lead as a weight and upsize the lead bigger than one ounce. my traps are much simpler than those posted on ice shanty, mine are just 16 inches of 1x3 wood strapping with notches cut on each end to wrap the line back up and a screw on the side in the middle to tie the line too. make sure the hook to lead line is 6 inches max, ive heard they will sometimes check that

Re: cusk hook and sinker set up.

Thanks for the info, I am using 2 oz weights and made sure to space the hook on a independent line, less than 6 inchs. I caught my first cusk came today and it was about 3 lbs. Thanks again.