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Sat and sunday nubi report

Had to work sat am got there about 1;30.Mac was there early and they got 5 flags 1 18 inch laker fished till about 5 what a beauty of a day to be lake perfect lake condition for snowmoble and wheelers.Talked to some other guys I knew that were there and they caught some short lakers.Went sunday am all set up buy 7.Was real windy but we had mac`s portable so it was fine 8;30 I got a flag which was only 10 yards from shelter,we got to trap and the line was spooled,started pulling in and we thought it was a rainbow or a salmon [fishing in 5 feet of water with a small shiner] Pulled up threw the hole 26 inch 5.8 pound laker.Been awhile lots of fun.Mac took photos and will post later.17 inches of black ice.it will be awhile before that melts.Come on spring B-man

Re: Sat and sunday nubi report

Here it is I hope


Re: Sat and sunday nubi report

Ny idol.

Big John