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Pine trees

I hate pine trees.I told the wife when we bought the house they would come into play someday.We lost four huge pines and about a half dozen hardwoods in that big blow.One pine missed the house by 3 ft.Thank god all the rest fell the other way and most important the turd(boat)made it through without a scratch.LOL.Come on spring.polebreaker

Re: Pine trees

As long as the Turd made it thru without a scratch your golden, I too have a Huge Pine in my front yard, I lose some branches once in a while, but thankfully it hasn't blown over yet LOL was hoping it would blow over on my old 98 chevy so I could get a new one, but no such luck LOL Take Care God Bless LOL Dave who has to go out and PLOW again Ughhhhhhhhhh and just when I thought Old Jerk winter had flown the coop, Oh well at least Sebago is almost opened up LOL Hurry up 4/1/10 I WANNA GO FISHING