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Re: winnepesaukee ice

Took mine off of Nineteen Mile Bay Saturday. Lot of ice out in the middle but getting soft. Edge by the beach where you can drive on was melted out a good 20 feet. Good thing the water off the beach is not very deep. Had to drive the 4 wheeler with house behind through it. Be careful around bobhouses that may still be out there. There was a 5 foot by 3 foot hole under mine that I had to pull it out of. If you still have one on better get it soon.

If you're still out there snowmobiling or on an atv watch out where the houses have been. Any new snow may hide some very dangerous spots.
Finaddiction (Dave S.)

Re: winnepesaukee ice

that is exactly why i did not go on the ice today to ride even though there was good snow... i love fishing but i also love my snowmobiling and the lake this year was a bust! 1 ride out there and that was not that good... better luck next year and bring on some good fishing for the season!

Re: winnepesaukee ice

Come up north to Berlin, all kinds of snow for good riding conditions LOL And if you like it that much, you can truck it all down south LOL Take Care God Bless LOL Dave Who wants to shoot mother nature Ughhhhhhhhhh

Re: winnepesaukee ice

We don't want it down here i'm ichen to be fichen!!! BARRY