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Re: Champlain Help

butcher-i was at south hero last may. we fished southeastern? side of south hero towards the causeway-breakwater and the apple farm? marina. there's a lot of water in that area for trolling. we slayed them using all the same lures we use on winni. caught huge landlocks up to 5 plus pounds and even bigger browns. had a blast-good luck

Re: Champlain Help

I would echo what echo said. We're up staying in South Hero for the first two weeks of June every year and although we put most of our time into pike and bass, we usually save out a few days for Salmon fishing. There's a lot of potential area but we've found the most consistent area seems to be the south half of the area between Kibbe Point, the islands and the causeway. We've also had some good luck fishing 20-35'zone off the drops at the tip of Kibbe point. We've picked up Salmon, browns and steelhead off that point and it makes for a fairly concentrated area to troll. Like the others have mentioned, hardware works but I'd also suggest working sewn on shiners at about 1.2-1.5mph and you're guaranteed to get smacked at some point. Also, if you do go with bait, it can be a challenge to track down but there is a bait and tackle shop hidden back at (I think) the second intersection on the right after you get off I91 heading out to South Hero.