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Elec. Trailer winch?

I'm at the age (and added to that, the generous amount of busted body parts I"ve aquired) to where I need to get an electric powered winch for da Tank's trailer.
Anybody have recomendations for make, model, where to buy, experience with(good & bad) and/or tips on DIY mounting?
Capacity wise, Da Tank is a 1959, Lone Star, 20ft. Alum hull w/ cuddy cabin & 70 hp Evenrude (2 cycle) mtr & 5 hp (4 cycle)kicker. Trailer is a galv. sailboat trlr. & the winch, which came with it, is a DL 2500 (2500 lb. cap.)hand operated. I don't think the Tank weighs anywhere near that much. But it works if I crank the crap out of it & I'm getting to old for that crap.

Thanks in advance,


Re: Elec. Trailer winch?

Choose your weapon. I have the 912 and love it. I am the guy across the street from pauls outstanding property on the ridge.


Re: Elec. Trailer winch?


I use a Power Winch T2400 for a boat weight of 3500 lbs. on a roller trailer for 10 yrs. Browse the web for the best price.


Re: Elec. Trailer winch?

they sell one at wal-mart that might work for under $100.00