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Re: Hatchery visit

"They also have a new man in charge, they brought him in from Milford Hatchery 2 weeks ago, over 25 years experience, he was very confident the size problems are a thing of the past."


Only repeating what he said, he said water temp. wont be a problem any more, he knows how to regulate the UV set up to keep the water clean from parasites and bacteria. The fish poop: they has a method of taking that out and giving it to farmers so DES cant bust his chops for dumping dirty water back into the Lake.

He also said he will add automatice feeders (they feed by hand now) also run the lights 24 hours for extra growth,etc.

He did not go into why they were small past two yeats, but he hinted that some of the new improvements added were not being used to maximum potential. But he did say that they got everything working well this year before he came on board..

He basicaly said "If they want them 9 or 10 to a pound, that's what I'll give them.

All that in the 5 minuets we spoke with him.

Seemed very confident in his ability to back up what he said and I'm sure he is otherwise he wouldn't have been put there.

Big John

Re: Hatchery visit

Nice ! I'm convinced.....but... He could have spoke in french and I would have been satisfied !