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The Gathering - Vertical Trolls - Stack O'Smelt


For any of you who may have bought a vertical troll last year at the gathering and experienced issues with the blade trailers or tape coming off with extended use and you still have the main leader, I will gladly rework it for you for free. Just drop it off at the gathering to me with your address and I will get a "new" one to you within the week.

The issue was a minute burr in the clevis. We have since strengthened the blade line. We will also retape any of the blades with an improved pattern. We have done this throughout last year for those that have bought online.

We look forward to seeing you all at the event on March 28th. We have two new colors this year along with our new Winni-Dodger product, plenty of 2.38", 1.5" spoons and the ever popular School O'Smelt Horizontal trolls. All products at Salmon Expo show prices.

Get ready to hit the water!!!