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Re: Ice out

It is coming along pretty well. Copy and paste this link it gives you webcams around Winni.


Re: Ice out

great link...Link. Also when you go there, click on the "view new posts on the forum" link top and center and find the "Official 2010 Ice Out" thread (should be near the top). People there will post reports of what they are seeing that is not covered on the cams on the first site. Specifically, recent posts include pictures from Harillas showing wide open water as far as you can see and posted reports that it's open from 19 and 20 mile bay down to Cow Island.

I think we'd need a mini-ice age to not have ice out by the opener....hope I didn't just jinx it.

Re: Ice out

Took this photo from our front yard at 5PM today. It's from Chase Point looking north to Melvin Village. This sheet is blocking 19 Mile bay and there's another sheet inside of 19 Mile. Once these go then there's a lot of open water over here. With any kind of wind it won't take long. From Chase Point over to the Hole in the wall it's still iced in but very dark. Came home from Gilford today and the ice out in the broads is very dark. In Alton Bay it's just past the gazebo. If we get wind and rain next week, my guess is that we'll be fishing a lot of open water on April first.
Finaddiction (Dave S.)

From Chase Point

Re: Ice out

Rain sun mon tue getting the boat out of storage tomorow YEEEEHAAAAA here we go!!!BARRY

Re: Ice out

this looks like the earliest "ice out" ever from what i can determine Big Jon ?

Re: Ice out

One thing I noticed in particular, some of the usual more reluctant parts of the lake to let the ice go, that I use as a guide, Black Cat for one, seem to be more open than other parts.

And Squam which usualy stays iced in another 5 to 10 days longer than Winni, has been all open for a few days now ???????

Big John

Re: Ice out

Sorry Big John, as of Friday morning Big Squam was totally iced in, from Sandwich down to Moultonboro as far as the eye could see. Not sure what the western side of the lake looks like.


Re: Ice out