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Fishing vs. Girls

I found this on onother fishing site. I found it funny ! Plus I added a few . We needed a boost to get off the track.

well here`s a couple reasons why i think striper fish`n is better than girls.
why fishing is better than s-x
1. A limp rod is still useful while fishing
2 .You don`t have to hide your fishing magazines.
3. its perfectly ok to hire a professional to fish with you once in a while.
4. the ten commandments don`t say anything against fishing
5. if your partner takes pictures of you or videotapes, while fishing, you don`t have to worry about them showing up on the internet.
6. there are no fishing - transmitted diseases
7. no body expects you to fish with the same partner for the rest of your life.
8. nobody expects you to give up fishing,if your partner loses
interest in it.
9.My fishing buddies never get mad when I bring home other fishermen
10. A bigger fish is always better, not so true with the other.
11. I can allways enjoy talking to the fish
12. when I'm out of town its ok to go out and fish at a strange place
13. lures are way cheaper than jewlery and more usefull
14. at the end of the day fishing I'm satisfied