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Winni Derby/ Salmon Issue

I have heard alot of great suggestions that is atleast a start to addressing the salmon issue.
I feel that if the "derby people" thought it out better, we could still have had the derby. What they needed to do is impose new rules including many of the suggestions posted by the fishermen i.e. rubber nets, single hooks, one line per fisherman, shorter fishing hours, CATCH AND RELEASE (as always),etc.
It could be a test run just for one year to see if it helps.I only use bait and streamers on fly rod with fly line or lead. I guess I'm old fashionned but I learned to salmon fish in ME on Moosehead, Rangley and the other lakes in "Gods country"
Sorry to **** anyone off but I always thought that more than 4 lines out of a boat was commercial fishing. With some additional thought, we could have still done the derby this year and help the NH economy out a bit. The salmon fishermen will still come and catch the salmon making the derby cancellation for nothing. Change the rules and the laws. It's time to save our fishing and we have to stop being greedy.

Re: Winni Derby/ Salmon Issue

Couldn't agree with you more! I still think NHF&G should do more to encourage catch and release fishing for LL Salmon with barbless hooks. If everyone did this we would have far less hook wounded fish in a much shorter time frame than improvement brought about by new rules and regs. PINCH THOSE BARBS!!