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Rule Changes...

This is a message from our NH Fish And Game department:

Hi folks,

Liza here from F&G. Thanks for the very civil conversation and your ideas on how to improve the salmon fishery!

Since it's not been made totally clear, the "proposals" that went to the F&G commission were not the final proposals - they were concepts brought to the meeting for further discussion and input from the commissioners. At this point, the proposal ideas are still in draft form. When final text for the initial proposals are ready, they will then go through a rigorous public process, which includes a public hearing and comment period.

Then, after consideration of comments heard during this early drafting stage for rules, we'll be able to tell you more. Please rest assured that the 2-line restriction is NOT under consideration.

As more information becomes available and the initial proposal is developed, public hearing and comment period dates are set we will post it on the F&G website and I'll try to remember to put links here as well. It's my understanding that our fisheries chief, Steve Perry, will be at the fishlakewinni.com gathering on Sunday to answer questions.

Best regards,
Liza Poinier
NH Fish and Game

The following written by Cool Water:

I would also like to add that I'm proud to say we all have once again handled ourselves with the highest level of respect and class in these stressful posts... I would like to thank everyone!

There is lots going on to much to include in one post anyone who can attend the gathering we urge you to do so! The alliance has lots to talk about in there presentation. They will look to all of you for support and will invite all interested parties to join...

Along with all the usual good times this years event is important in ways we all can't imagine the fishery needs our support now more than ever!

see you all there...

Travis Williams
Cool Water Charters

Re: Rule Changes...

Thank you for the post. Its always good hearing it straight from the source and not 2nd-1oooth hand. I'll be there and look forward to a great day!!!


Re: Rule Changes...

Thank you for posting that Travis and thank you to F&G for sharing a bit of what is being done. I will also say PHHHHHHHHHHEEEEEEEEWWWWWW!!!!!!!!! On the whole 2 lines thing being put to bed!! Now that was a loud sigh of relief.

Re: Rule Changes...

Thanks for the info Travis, can't wait for the gathering. Salmon Slammer and I are realy looking forward to it and all the discussions. I have enjoyed all of the ideas and posts on this subject. Hope to see everyone there.

Re: Rule Changes... Thanks

Not much else to say but thanks for the constant liaison work, keeping information as clear and direct as possible. Not sure you can get more direct, lol. Thanks again.

Re: Rule Changes...

Thanks Travis !!