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Welcome Fish Lake Winni Anglers
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Many thanks to Fish Lake Winni Anglers

I just wanted to thank each and every person that attended the Lake Winni gathering.
I had a wonderful time and was made to feel very welcome.
It is an event that I would definitely attend again and again. Any avid coldwater fishing enthusiast would enjoy this gathering.
And a special thank you to Travis and A.J. for all of their hard work.
I hope to see you all in May for our 1 day Salmon Shootout on Lake Champlain. If there are any questions, suggestions or concerns please email, PM or contact me on the HookedonVt.ProBoards forum.

Shawn Hayes

Re: Many thanks to Fish Lake Winni Anglers

Thanks for coming Shawn, your Q&A was very good, looking forward to trying Champlain soon!