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Lake Debris?

I have read on other boards that the combination of damage from ice and high water/heavy rain and wind all mean that there will be LOTS of floating debris in the lake when the season opens on Thursday.

Have any of you been on the lake (or around the lake) to confirm this will be a major issue?

I will be going out on Friday and typically like all lines in the water by first light. If debris is a major issue, I will choose a different (less convenient) ramp to be closer to where I'm fishing and forgo the run across the Broads in the dark...I just don't want to hit a submerged bobhouse.

Re: Lake Debris?

I'm going to bet you will find plenty of debris,at least for the first few trips....dock boards....bob house parts....submerged tree limbs and trunks ect.I caught a submerged tree with the downrigger on the17.5 ft sea nymph once...stopped me on the spot 20 ft down in 120 ft of water,took 30 minutes to get my stuff back intact.LOL.I don't need to worry about that in the turd ....to heavy it likes to snap the cable with very little warning I might add...lol.I think most of us have caght a 2 lb branch we would have sworn was a 6 lb salmon.Just be careful and enjoy the day.We will be on the lake saterday.polebreaker

Re: Lake Debris?

I put my boat in last Saturday in 19 Mile Bay. Road out through the Hole in the Wall, around Sandy and back to our place on Chase Point. Didn't see one limb, board or floating bobhouse. That doesn't mean you won't find something but we had some good wind after ice out that seems to have driven junk into shore. And as I sit writing this the wind is knocking my boat around pretty good so I'm sure just like after any storm through out the year there will be stuff floating out there after it. Best thing is to be careful and keep an eye out for stuff.
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