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Re: you make the call

not that i dont like him,,thats not it at all,, he s actually a pretty good guy,, but i am hoping after he reads this he ll realize its not all about him,,i dont believe just cause you bought a license you should take your limit everday..catch n release is a good thing..theres only so many fish in the water..if its not hook wounded or in danger of dying , throw it back,,his claim to owning those fish is nuts.i prefer to think of this post as an eyeopener to his ridiculous claims and try and educate an ol timer to a realism that, his thoughts are wrong. other than that he s a good guy..just one of those guys that is" all about me " you know what i mean

Re: you make the call

I would simply explain to him that fishing even with a license much like driving a car is a privilege not a "right"!

Cool Water

Re: you make the call

i really have nothing against an old timer or anyone for that matter keeping fish if he is within the legal limits as long as he is eating them. but if he wants to be an idiot and not release his fish in a responsible fashion so the next guy can reap the rewards as well, then thats not right, they are not his fish, they are our fish. i remember a few years back keeping a brookie on the closing day, was the first brookie i kept in years, some snobby orvis clad guy taughting catch and release gave me the business, really ****** me off that day. i kept 3 salmon out of the 400 or so i caught last year, you know what, they were good and no way is that going to ruin the fishery. your friend needs to respect the fish he is releasing

Re: you make the call

i have no problem with keeping fish, i love to fish and eat them. i will never keep more than i will eat..i will bet i dont keep more than 3-4 limts a season..this buddy of mine will keep a limit each day and , NO, he doesnt eat them.,he s never even gutted a fish..he wears rubber gloves taking them out of the cooler so he doesnt get the" FISHY SMELL " on his hands,,,lol...no lie

Re: you make the call

Whats his number...? LOL