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Re: Salmon Alliance

I think the reason was to make other anglers aware they could also have a vioce in the rules process,even if they did or didn't agree with what the NHSA was going to propose.BARRY

Re: Salmon Alliance

Thank you for setting me straight on the intent; your post clarifies the lack of understanding I had.

Re: Salmon Alliance

Steve Perry
One of the reasons I've heard stated for establishing the Salmon Aliance was to bring a stronger voice to those who fish for landlocked salmon in NH. So help me to understand why members of the Salmon Alliance are advocating that as many salmon anglers as possible email the F&G Department with there own individual proposals. Doesn't this weaken the strength of speaking with one voice, as the diversity of the individual proposals posted seem geared more towards protecting self interest, rather than striving for concensus.

Dear Mr. Perry,

Barry was pretty much right on, we (I) were advised to write to different people on Fish and Game and be heard. Perhaps that was not the best advice, but we didn't think it could hurt ???? We wanted to let F and G know that we were very concerned with some of the "proposed" proposals, rod/per/boat/angler, etc. and also whatever collective ideas they had on their own. Many are opposed to any changes at all yet or for 2011, which is not 100% the NHSA position, they needed to be heard as well. The NHSA hope their proposal will be seen as a reasonable compromise, to doing nothing and being too drastic.

Actually we (the NHSA) wanted to wait until the Gathering presentation to get the backing of the whole group on our proposal. Maybe we waited too long, our proposal will be at F and G, possibly as early as today. Hand carried if needed as we know time is of the essence. We need to get the opinion of the final draft by NHSA directors today before it is delivered to F and G.

I take responsibility for advising folks to attend the Commissioners meeting if only to show our concern, I neglected to mention that we would be there as concerned spectators/citizens only.

Thanks for coming on here last night and again today, we like and need to hear from F and G and appreciate your advice in these matters. Also many thanks for coming into the meeting last Sunday.

John Sampson
(Big John)

Re: Salmon Alliance

mr perry

hope you think hard on the changes as to what this will do to your outer state fishermen iam 1 of them and fish with 5 other guys from maine if thisw nlaw of 1 line per person should become law then our fishing days in nh. will most likely be a thing of the past things are just getting too costly these days thank you for the good times in your great state mike