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Proposal from the NH Guides Association: A Clarification

There was a previous post by a member of the F&G Department that needs to be clarified. In an effort to address the landlocked salmon hooking wounding issue, the Department's Executive Director approached the NH Guides Association (NHGA) and requested that they give the issue considerations and if they so chose, to develop proposals that would help resolve this issue. The NHGA subsequently submitted a series of proposals, in writing to the Executive Director. The actual proposal submitted by the NHGA that dealt with restricting the number of lines was to amend administrative rule 406.04 (2) (b)as follows: "From April 1 through September 30 the water body shall be open to the taking of all species, except smelt, by all legal methods except that only one rod may be used by each fisherman either from shore or while in a boat." When the Executive Director reconsidered the Department's initial proposal to restrict the number of lines to no more than 2 per boat while trolling, the alternative proposal that was developed used the 1 line per angler concept and modified it so that it only applied to 10 waters and only when trolling. So to be clear, the current proposal to restrict the number of lines that can be used when troling 10 waters is a modified version of what the NHGA submitted as its formal proposal.

Re: Proposal from the NH Guides Association: A Clarification

Mr. Perry,

Is this the only goal (decrease hook wounding)for F&G pertaining to the Salmon on Winni? Or are there other goals as well that I am not aware of.
I was not at the gathering on Sunday (other commitments), so if they were stated there I appolgise for asking here.

Thank you for your time,