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Re: Salmon Guides

Hi Trav/Jason,
As I came to your defense above, I would also like you (the NHGA) to consider the effects of your recommendations to F&G on "the little guy".

Your primary goal is and should be the health of the salmon population in that it has a direct impact on your business. No one should blame you for that motivation and should applaud your actions. You really have no obligation to anyone but your own families and businesses so if a proposal has a negative impact on non-clients this should not be a major motivator for you.

However, in reading Mr Perrys responses above, it seems F&G puts a lot of weight in your (NHGA) opinions and those opinions may outweigh those of the average guy. Here is how I see it:

1 rod per angler will have little to know impact on Winni Guides. A guided trip with 4 clients will put out 5 rods and the guides will probably platoon and ask other guides to come along as mates if they are free so you will have 6 rods out (a reasonable number for any boat). Where does that leave "the little guy"? Well, when I fish alone, I get one rod...period so my days of fishing the big lake are all but over. Even for me to bring a parter and put out 2 rods....partners will be harder to come by and again my trolling days are numbered.

I guess the bottom line is that by NHGA recommending rod limits, you've risked the sport for many "little guys" like myself. I think many other recommendations should have been considered before drifting this one out there given the wieght you carry. When F&G enacts your proposal, they are going to love to through you under the bus and say "it wasn't OUR plan...it was the recommendation of a group of respected NH guides"...that's how politics work. Mr Perry has already laid the ground work for this...it wasn't his proposal - it was yours I think was the jist of his rebuttal.

I don't fault you for your efforts (and stand by my defense of you) but at the same time just wanted to make you aware that the NHGA will probably end up being "the bad guy" in the eyes of many anglers who will most likely leave the sport if the proposal is accepted. I don't and won't think if your group as such but many less informed will only have that assumption to go by.

Please don't blast me....I felt I had to drop the other shoe on this one.

Re: Salmon Guides

Steve Perry, Travis or Russ Johnson

In any of your metteings or discusions w/ the F&G, NHSA or NHGA has any mention of new ice fishing regulations or proposals come up? I find it odd that there is no mention of it in any of the posts. To propose instituting new laws and or regulations and not mention the rotary ice derby or ice fishing in general as part of the solution is puzziling.

Re: Salmon Guides

The proposal that was voted on and approved by NHSA was 2 rods for the first angler, and one additional rod for each additional angler. Therefore, 1 angler = 2 rods. 2 anglers = 3 rods etc.
Respectfully submitted
Bill Finn - AKA Throbbin Rods

Re: Salmon Guides

This man MikeF-NH makes good posts keeping in mind the 'Lil Man'.He has alot of good ideas that I agree with.Along with the rubber net that I already have been using I'm going to start using single hooks on my lures.No guarantee I'll stay with it but last year I caught more shorts than ever and that just brings tears to my eyes giving them a beating with a treble.Once my 'legit' fish are caught I bring them home for the smoker.I don't keep on fishing,but that usually takes a few hours.Do you guys catch multiples all the time? Fishlessman,400 last year?Is the fishing that good in Meredith?

Re: Salmon Guides

Numbers are not a problem for us,the number of 20+ inch fish are,this goes for lakers to.It is going to be hard to convince me that the underlying problem of stocking wicked small salmon and what I feel is a decline in the baitfish.It is what I feel a large part of what is going on here.If in fact f&g is stocking larger salmon this year I can't help but wonder what upward tick that will have in the 2011 fall netting results.I personally do not sopport any rod per angler change.If hookwounds are the issue try something less damaging to the angler like barbless hooks and creel limit chage.I HATE RAM AND CRAM LEGISLATION.We pay the bills and we should have some say in this.polebreaker

Re: Salmon Guides

MikeF-NH I believe you hit the nail on the head. The little guy or the guys that fish alone are the ones that would take the impact if there is a change to a single rods. Those people are usally locals who help support the area. Even thou Lena and I work the evening shift we will attend some of the meetings. Some of the proposals have rattle my cage enough. Throbbin Rods and Big John let us know when. Roland

Re: Salmon Guides

Roland give me shout 603-455-0268

Re: Salmon Guides

Travis thanks for the forum to express our thoughts and a thanks to the other guides for looking out for the resource.

I agree with MikeF-NH that this proposal will hurt the little guy....could the hook wounding percentage be squewed because of the last two years of undersized fish stocking?

I am not convinced that there needs to be anything done with respect to line restrictions only stocking larger fish that can survive, and better management of the hook wounded fish by the sportsman.

Since I have been back into this salmon fishing after a 30 year absence I have enjoyed the knowledge inparted by all the great fisherman on the site and have been blessed to have met such wonderful sportsman such as John Salmon-son ;).



Re: Salmon Guides

Roger, flattery will get you a ticket on The Barge.

Big John