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Revised post from earlier.....

The NHGA in response to Fish and Game contacting them asking for their input on the current state of the fishery put together their ideas and proposal's. They came to their decision to the best of my knowledge based on protecting the resource as there number one concern. The NHGA which I'm a member of wants the same things we all do and are not guide agenda driven but rather responding to a cry for help! Their proposal's were submitted and at first not considered as 2 lines per boat was the topic for considered proposal's by the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department. Since the Commissioner’s meeting it has been brought to our attention that the two lines per boat has been dismissed and that the NHGA proposal’s which has been revised by the Fish and Game Department would be considered.

I was wrong with my current post this is the NHSA’s Proposal… I guess I was distracted with the gathering and such! Lots going on here sorry..........

The "New" proposal that the NHSA has come forward with which is 1 line per licensed angler with two for the first angler I.e. 1 guy 2-lines 2 guy's 3-lines three guy's 4-lines etc...

We all need to realize not one of us wants to give up lines not myself not the guides and not the recreational fisherman, we also need to understand that we have a responsibility to react to the scientific data that we have been presented with and unselfishly act to protect our resource.

I appoligize for any mis information!


Travis Williams

Re: Revised post from earlier.....

Trav, Thanks for the clarafication, it has been a hectic few weeks for many of us, especially you with the NHSA, The Gatering, not to mention planning a wedding, it is easy to see now ahy so many of had a hard time arriving at the NHSA proposal.

For ease in defining the NHSA proposal and the others, try the following:

NHSA: 2 rods for the lone angler and 1 additional rod for each aditional angler on board.

NHGA: 1 rod per angler regardless of the number of anglers(actually only 1 less than the NHSA proposal)

Now lets go fishin and try to work with NHSA, NHGA and NHFG (NH Fish and Game)


Big John
Who for once waking up in the middle of the night this year can go fishin.