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Re: $85 Ticket

Gray Ghost

I was under the impression that would be under the purview of the Marine Patrol to enforce boating regulations. The Marine Patrol would only stop you if there was cause, as where the F&G can stop you and check stuff out on the boat under the pretext of fishing regulation enforcement.

We were check out yesterday by the F&G while trolling beside us, they ask us if we had caught anything, we said yes, they then asked us if kept the fish, no; then they asked us to show our license and we held them up, they were still trolling aside of us 30ft away beyond the planer boards, nice to have an autopilot.



I was under the impression they could not enforce boating regulations, but I suppose it's fine.But that was little picky,they were out in full force yesterday we had one on Squam,for about 6 hours for 6 boats lol. If they make pest of themselves it will suck, I hope they counted how many people were in each boat and hom many rods they were using.
Big John

Re: $85 Ticket

was the F and G's name on the ticket, i would post his name. want to be a jerk, should get treated that way.

Re: $85 Ticket

I got a quick question? How big was the tear? I'm thinking not very big, what if it happened while taking it out of the bow or something (i.e. it caught on something and just happened?) That's a crock of crap I'd be fighting the ticket if it were me, I'd also bring a 50 gallon drum to the hearing, and show the judge, Look at this small tear, it happened as I was taking it out of the bow of the boat, but look it still floats fine. Ughhhhhhhh petty crap like that really P.M.O. Take Care God Bless LOL Dave

Re: $85 Ticket

How many people were on the boat?
How many PDF did he have on board?
He only needed one for each on board.