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Re: limiting number of rods per fishermen is the wrong solution

Nice post Still fishin, I too am the type of guy that just likes to go fishing, If I catch a fish? That's just an added bonus, Do I keep my two salmon & lakers if I catch them? Yes I do because both my daughter and I LOVE eating fresh fish, (though very rarely do I get to eat the salmon cuz my kid hogs it all LOL But usually gives me a bite or two LOL) I just enjoy being with family and friends, shooting the breeze, enjoying the weather, talking on the radio, listening to the radio, bringing someone new out on the boat thats never caught a fish before, I have many memories on many boats and maybe .05% of those memories are of fish, the rest are of good conversations, laughs, and other things. I've been fishing on lakes where you are only allowed 1 rod per angler, and have actually caught more fish then on lakes where we are allowed 2 rods per fisherman. I JUST LOVE TO FISH!!!!!!!!!!! Take Care God Bless LOL Dave

Re: limiting number of rods per fishermen is the wrong solution

The old fisherman
I've stayed away from this topic, since I really don't fish Winni that often. (But any changes may affect all salmon lakes)
I've been fishing Squam for over 50 years, and yes we did fish with only one rod apiece in the early days.
Just want to make a few comments to 'still fishing'.
" If fishing and not catching" is what you want, you should fish Squam. That is what we do most of the time.
As I fish very often by myself, I certainly would like to fish with two rods.

Hope everyone has a great day fishing, and a very Happy Easter. (To our jewish friends, hope you had a great Passover.)


Excellent post Louis!!!!!!

Happy Easter