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Re: Maiden Voyage for "Tessie"

Best of luck with your new ride!!! I know exactly how you feel.


Re: Maiden Voyage for "Tessie"

Good looking boat Rick We were headed in around 11:30 into Alton and you were headed out we were in the G3 that went by and slowed down, my buddy thought you were somone else he knew.

Looks good hope she works out for you, they seem to very nice boats.

Hope you guys did better than us only one hit.

But guess what we went fishin we weren't wishin we were fishin.

Have fun I'm sure we'll see you out there again!

Good luck with the boat!


Re: Maiden Voyage for "Tessie"

What a day for "Tessie's" first trip. Despite no fish or hits. She started right up at the launch. Her motor is a 1999 Nissan 90hp. She floated right off the trailer, and off we went. trolling speed seemed to be too fast, I had to throw my bucket behind and got down to about 2.6mph, any slower she would stall. All electronics worked great, handled like an Angel, sooo much room to stay organized. Only problem I had was my Dad needed a very desperate crapper break, out by rattlesnake we said lets see what she can do...(trolled up to this point).. gave her full throttle, then at about 20mph, 3000rpm, she would stall...restart...try again...stall...I got her to 13Mph as max speed 2600rpm without stalling. thats my only complaint... I can live with that and get it checked out when I can.

Re: Maiden Voyage for "Tessie"

Sounds good could just be just a small adjustment needs to be made on the carb. some new plugs would probably help out a lot as well. Glad you like the new boat. Take Care God Bless LOL Dave

Re: Maiden Voyage for "Tessie"

Sounds like bad gas. When I changed the fuel filter the other day I poured the gas into a glass jar to check for water and saw specks of rust instead. Cal P.

Re: Maiden Voyage for "Tessie"

The problem may also be that a motor that old may now have Ethanol+ gas that is fouling the gas tank and lines.