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Re: Deep Cycle Batteries.

I went to Interstate Battery in Merrimack. They had used batteries that were under warranty. I spent $60 for 2 instead of the original price of $187. They are working great so far.

Good luck

Re: Deep Cycle Batteries.

I would say Interstate as well, John that runs the shop will hook you up nicely. Thats whats in my boat.


Re: Deep Cycle Batteries.

Don't know where you live but any week now Consumer Auto Parts(CAP) usually runs a spring special on Exide Nautilus batteries.

Re: Deep Cycle Batteries.

We've had good luck on the tubb with the walmart marine batteries, nice thing about those is that if something goes wrong in the first year, you bring it back (keep your receipt) and you get a brand new one. after a year they pro-rate the price. We've also used the napa brand marine batteries and have had good luck. Take Care God Bless LOL Dave Who's heading over my Mom's to eat some PIG LOL

Re: Deep Cycle Batteries.

Got a Sears Die hard marine battery last year for about $65. When you get a new battery it's a good idea to give it a trickle charge.


Re: Deep Cycle Batteries.

Thanks for the input guys..