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Sunday Fishing

Went out from 6-8 this morning. After no fish on Saturday finally got into a couple. Caught a nice 16.5 inch rainbow and a 20 inch salmon. Both were very fat and healthy. Caught on 2 colors lead off planer boards. They came about 5 minutes apart and the rest of the time not even a hit. First time using a single hook with the barb pinched down. No problem getting either fish into the rubber net and both were unhooked quickly and released. Glad I pinched the barbs since I got one of the hooks into my finger past the barb. No problem unhooking my self either.
Lake was calm with a few clouds. Water was 49 degrees.
Finaddiction (Dave S.)

Re: Sunday Fishing

We hit the water this morning as well. Slow start 1 salmon and 1 donkied, a few hits.

As soon as the wind picked up the bite turned on for us a bit. A couple more salmon and a nice bass. lol

Fun day on the water with Dad.