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Re: Saturday Video 2 Rookie Mistakes

Misty Mornin
Fished Saturday morning with my brother Mike (Loan Ranger-the one with money in the family) who drove up from Norwood Mass. We fished from 7am till about 1pm and only had 1 hit which I captured on film. This video is kind of funny because as Mike is fighting the fish, a boat trolling by us in the opposite direction has a Salmon hit and it gets off on a spectacular jump behind their boat. Although you can't see them, you can hear them yelling in the background as the fish gets on and then gets off. After that, Mike guides his salmon perfectly into his other lead line even after his older brother gives him a warning not too. After we drop the salmon, you can hear my Troll Master which I operate from the dash, goose the trolling motor as we adjust the trolling speed on my 15HP Honda. Sorry LOL Dave, no Irish music on the Video.

I guess it was a slow day for many if you only got the one bite. That baas funny the guys on the other boat.

Well the Salmon had a good day it seems, not much hook wounding.

Big John