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Re: Monday fin clip

Big John, I was trying to find your number... I just got an email and I have to go to a presentation tomorrow for a class. I'm sorry I didn't let you know sooner but I just got an email from the teacher an hour ago.

Let me know how it goes, looks like you have 5 without me and I know that is what they were shooting for.

Again, sorry for the late notice, but I can't miss this presentation.


No sweat, that's whay I tried to get a few extra in case last minuet someone couldn't make it.

John S.

Re: Monday fin clip

Fin clipped today with all the persons that were signed up except two had last minute stuff come up.

Had a good time, worked along side John Viar and Don Miller and met allot of other F and G employees, some good conversation. Our group, mostly rookies and 3 F and G people (Viar and two women I think from up north hatcherys) did about 10,000, other group mostly F and G employees did 10,000. We left at that point about 1:30 and F and G were going to do another 5000 or so. B Man and Mac may have hung in there for the last bunch, don't know as we old guys left ?

We worked from about 10:30 to 12;00, broke to eat a sandwich (bring lunch and a drink)then 12:30 to 1:30.

If you want to help, be there at 9:30 as they will be all set up tomorrow.

Scheduled are:
Glen (Salmonere)
Winny Linni (spelling ?)
Larry Ludwing
Lisa Ludwig
Travis (maybe)

Give me or John Viar your real name as the Director of F and G will will send you a certficate, commendation or something.

We had a guy come and help that doesn't evan Salmon fish (thanks Richard) just likes to fish and had the time. I'm going to take him on the Barge and see if we can "Hook Em".

They have a total of 60,000 + or - to do, then a few Special Browns and Bows,etc. so they can use help Tuesday and Wednesday.

Salmon looked terrific, 8 to 10 to a pound now and will be there another 6 weeks, so they are hoping for easy 8 to a pound.

Come meet the Biologist and guys and gals that raise the fish we love to catch.

Thanks for coming, they were very apprciative.

Big John

Re: Monday fin clip

John, wish I didn,t still have to work for a living else I,d be there to help. Sounds like an interesting time. Thank you and all the others for doing this. Cal P.

Re: Monday fin clip

Yankee Native
John, wish I didn,t still have to work for a living else I,d be there to help. Sounds like an interesting time. Thank you and all the others for doing this. Cal P.

I know I can always depend on you when I'm in a bind, we have pelnty of other good folks stepping up to the plate this time, don't sweat it.

As far your shake down, I'll be on my 3rd Wednesday, no real boat problems but equipment stuff.

Big John

Re: Monday fin clip

Hey John,

I'm still on for Wednesday. It sounds like all had a quality experience Monday.

My full name is David Rhames. I'm usually fishing out and about on Winni and Squam in a Tan/Green Crestliner w/ green canvas.

Looking forward to Wednesday,


Re: Monday fin clip

It was a fun and interesting day (1/2 day really) you'll enjoy yourself and they need the help..

Weather will be fine too..


Big John

Re: Monday fin clip

John, big Thank You for all you did to get this coordinated between F&G and the board members.