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another Lake Trout question

Has anyone here ever tied on a 3 way swivel with one end having a short line with heavy weight pulling down, then tied off a 5 ft leader from the other end with live bait and trolled that kind of rig along the bottom here in Lake Winni ? if so, how were your results?

Re: another Lake Trout question

I have tried this before, but not on Winni. You have to go pretty slow, but it usually has produced for me.

I think you would have to find a part of the lake with good bottom (sand) or make sure you tie the bottom weight on with a knot that isn't very strong so when you do get hung up it breaks away easily.

Let me know how it works for you out on Winni!


Re: another Lake Trout question

I believe that technique is used a lot for walleyes in the upper mid-west. For the weight, I believe they use something called a Lindy that is available through Bass Pro Shops. It's a long skinny weight that is designed to slide along the bottom.

Just google for Lindy No-snagg sinker and you will find them.

Re: another Lake Trout question

Actually, I bought a couple at the spring sale and i plan on trying them, just wondering if anyone has already done it here... from my online research, this is the preffered way to catch lakers in canada.