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St Brides Major, Ogmore-by-Sea & Southerndown Community Forum

Please feel free to use this webboard to ask questions or discuss issues which relate to these  villages.  Do not post unauthorised advertisements - these will be deleted without notice. 

St Brides Major, Ogmore-by-Sea & Southerndown Community Forum
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I visit your site quite often and I have been very disappointed that the news of the village hasn't been updated for quite a while.
I wonder if the people of the village realize how nice it is for some of us to read the village news and keep "connected" with the village.
The photos of the village events are also very enjoyable.
Love the page, but please keep it updated!

Re: postings

We are sorry that we have been unable to update the website for a couple of months. This has been caused by technical problems, a lightning strike, loss of telephone lines and bereavement. We are putting together information for the diary, news & events as well as some new data and hope this will be uploaded shortly.

Re: Re: postings

Wonderful to see the news updates on your page again!
Keep up the great work!