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Re: Re: Re: Re: freeview reception

Sorry I took so long to reply to this, lost track of the site and only found it using a webcrawler on my own name. Yes it works however with the constantly changing channels amd getting the two signals (some of which are probably cancelling each other) One of my fav's was men and motors has this been pay per viewed or just mucked up cos of signal interference. Can't get bbc wales anymore unless I opt for anologue. Which is pretty naff compared to digital and its a real pain in windy weather signal loss for 10% of the program specially when your recording. Lose the plot and important bits, with anologue you would still get the idea even if the picture snowed up a bit and sound tracks were never lost. I'm right up top nearest house to quarry on railway view. was thinking of satelite dish just for free channels but the girl and boy have own tellies and digiboxes would I need one dish and signal splitter or three dishes one for each telly?
Tara for now
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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: freeview reception

Right, Mike, after living away from St Brides Im struggling to think where you are Ive looked on Multimap etc but Railway View isnt on there (and it's too early in the morning to bother mum). I think you must be up the road past the Scout Hall, possible near to Sally Thomas's house. If this is the case, like my sister, youll probably be getting Wenvoe (as you should) and Mendip off the back of your aerial. When you set up your set top box it would have scanned for all available channels and so youll be recieving services from both transmitters. In my sisters case the solution was to manually tune the box only to Wenvoe channels.

The channels you need are as follows -

Mux 1 Channel 30
Mux 2 Channel 34
Mux A Channel 40
Mux B Channel 50
Mux C Channel 43
Mux D Channel 46

Give retuning your box a try and see how you get on. If not joy (and assuming you are where I think you are) it may be worth checking your aerial out, perhaps it's the wrong group.

Men & Motors by the way is no longer on the Freeview platform, it was replaced by ITV4. You can still get M&M but only on Satellite and cable. In your case your only option for this is satellite.

Lastly I recognise your surname, were we in school together at St Brides ?

Best Wishes


Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: freeview reception

Hi long time since we talked... now have satellite and have only just read your last email dated last year only find this site every now and then thru webcrawler.
freeview boxes are piled up till the sky package comes up for renewal then will get freeview receivers to run off dish. The existing ariel is a bit wobbly and until I get to paint the house again I'm not touching it. it's also got a couple of bent twigs. I never got to manually tune the freeview boxes cos the kids would always do it on auto themselves if the signal got a bit squiffy. The boxes aren't intelligent enough or the signal from different masts should have different flavours so the boxes would know which signal to lick up.......hah hah !
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