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St Brides Major, Ogmore-by-Sea & Southerndown Community Forum
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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: freeview reception

Hi long time since we talked... now have satellite and have only just read your last email dated last year only find this site every now and then thru webcrawler.
freeview boxes are piled up till the sky package comes up for renewal then will get freeview receivers to run off dish. The existing ariel is a bit wobbly and until I get to paint the house again I'm not touching it. it's also got a couple of bent twigs. I never got to manually tune the freeview boxes cos the kids would always do it on auto themselves if the signal got a bit squiffy. The boxes aren't intelligent enough or the signal from different masts should have different flavours so the boxes would know which signal to lick up.......hah hah !
My current bugbear is the rectifier on my bike suzuki intruder 125 cos its a custom bike of sorts suzuki put in a real expensive rectifier...that is they put a different plug on it and made all the generator wires the same color to throw us amateurs. Temporary solution solar charger from do I tape it to the handlebars or the rear mudguard.......Yes it is at the top of the scouthall hill and its the wifes name you remember Liz Yorath.......We double barrelled it so we could have a unique email address