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The IHHN Forum is a message board for persons seeking information and connections with others on alternative health and wellness therapies. The IHHN is the leading alternative healing directory for Indiana and nearby areas in Ohio and Kentucky and contains a wide variety of care providers. If you believe that you suffer from any form of illness, you should seek the assistance of qualified health practitioners. Check out all information you receive here and elsewhere. Always check your sources as you would check any medical information and personnel. May you find the tools and resources that lead you forward on your path toward health.

Indiana Holistic Health Network Forum
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'restrictions' being placed on the use of the Equine Chiropractor

Have you seen the 'Model State Veterinary Practice Act' laws that are being changed in most states and across the nation.

These changes represent the 'restrictions' being placed on the use of the Equine Chiropractor, the use of other complementary and alternative medicine (Therapies)

It is very important that YOU get involved by sending letters to your state representative and Senators.

Go check out :