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This forum is designed to increase communication between Idaho fast-pitch softball players, coaches, instructors, parents and vendors.
Forum Policies

This forum should be used for all fast pitch softball coaches, parents, players, and instructors in Idaho to do the following:

PLAYERS (No player should post directly on this forum:
NEVER give out your personal information to anyone over the internet, NEVER agree to meet anyone you don't know by yourself.
1) Post "in search of teams" for a particular age group.
2) Post a need for instructors
3) Discuss issues pertaining to Idaho softball

1) Post for position needs on your team or organization
2) Post for tournaments or friendlies
3) Post game/tournament results
4) Discuss issues pertaining to softball

Feel free to advertise on this forum

1) Post questions regarding softball and ask for advice
2) Help your child look for a team, or instructor

1) Include first and last names on your postings (remember that your IP address is visible and can be used to track you)... Anonymous postings will be deleted from now on
2) Negative or inappropriate posts WILL be deleted. It is especially inappropriate to single out individuals.
3) Again, be sure that your child does not correspond directly with anyone on this or any other forum. Parent should always act as the "agent" for their child
***Any violations may result in having your posts deleted. Each posters IP address is attached to the poster, and WILL be accessible to parties that are recipients of abuse

*** The site administrator is NOT responsible for any misuse of this forum

***Let's keep it fun, and bring softball to the next level in Idaho

site administrator: John Stegmaier, coachsteg@mac.com

A Fast Pitch Message Forum For Idaho
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