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hey hey its the guy... with the name.

hey, i'm jensen dash, in person.. kinda.

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^thats me.^

I was at alive fest like 3 years ago, sittin in the bushes, all alone, when i guess matt and mark met me... to many M's!!! so like bang! they have a band (good use of anamonapea) named after lil old me... and yes, i like thier sound... i like my time is now the most cuz like every time they goto say my time is now, they like echo in screams... i thought it was awsome! so yeah...

Aim: jensendash
and stuff like that!

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Album Cover?????? hmmmmm???? hahahahaha! laterz.
-Jensen M. Dash

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Re: hey hey its the guy... with the name.

whats up jensen, haha, how strange how strange. glad to see you found the site, and i assure all of you this is the real jensen morgan dash weve been talking about. he is real!

Re: hey hey its the guy... with the name.

I have a very big crush on JD. Good name.

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