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quite some stories have already found their way into this writing forum. do not hesitate to activate your keyboard and keep us stunningly gazing on the screen.

writing invitation
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Re: Death Blow to a Poet

About that dear drew I dont have many self-deceipts,

as I dont think many people - or nobody almost I don't know - would be interested about my 'poetry', creative anxiety , sensitivity or anything . Nobody cares or gives a shit what I am doing in my own room , what I am creating , or how nice it is . Why should they ?

As someone once told something like that : 'poets are dying , while poetry remains'.

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Replying to:

To much seriousness can be deadly sometimes. Take for example what an Italian friend of mine once said to this rather strange character who use to come into the restaurant he was managing every day. He would sit off in the corner with his notepad writing and writing, looking very serious and deep in thought. Finally one day my friend asked him what he was doing. He replied he was writing poetry. My friend, not one to be serious about much said to him, "Well... the one thing about poetry is that it isn't worth a shit till you've been dead for a long time". I just about fell out of my chair and to see this poor fellow's expression on his face.... lord. You thought someone had shot his mother....