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Re: Re: How to apply crativity and remain unemployed

Its funny to mention dear Collie how to apply creativity without getting a job - or I should add remaining an unemployed/unsought artist like me . But a couple of days ago I saw a dream about a person I knew from a school I've been attended lessons for graphic arts . After he finished in the same year like me and he's been working for the school making the artwork - design for pamphlets , brochures and posters .

And I 've been dreamed him in a side-walk - like several

negros , Ethiopians etc - selling various clothes , shirts ,

jeans , or even perhaps books about pop-rock songs , CDs but I

am not sure about that . And having asked why did he left the previous job by doing that , he didn't feel any regret or any qualms doing whatever , like he didn't care anymore . I saw him a couple of years ago - not in a dream - carrying guitar amplifiers and various equipments from a music store

to a freight car , but I didnt have the courage to ask him.

But the same goes too for various others like a friend of my brother which he's a musician/composer , having worked in the past with various musicians /singers , and being penniless last year he did various labours - something like Santa Claus sharing pamphlets for a store .

So it seems today that being an artist or creative person have become for many people like myself - in my country at least - synonymous with remaining poor , unemployed or unsought person .

... Except if you have something original to suggest by convincing anyone that you are doing something exceptional,

or 'selling' it properly by convincing anyone that you are doing something original .

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Replying to:

Well I can tell you how to apply creativity to NOT getting a job ...

Now I'm not a graphic artist. In fact, Holger and I - both of whom freely admit to not being able to draw a damn thing - once compared our drawing abilities, and, well, Holger won by a mile (a lovely sketch of Ascot or something, search through the old news and you'll find it).

Of course my lack of drawing talent did not prevent me from once attempting to land a job at a department store. Do you know the window displays that are common in these shops? There was an ad in the newspaper that said this shop was in need of -




Sure thing! Since I did not have a portfolio, I quickly made one. I made some quick collages, drew a few sketches for window designs and tossed it in a large folder that had for some reason been given to me after my grandmother's funeral. It was a tacky and cheap looking black vinyl, large size portfolio (so that you won't misplace the bills they give you in the midst of your grief) that said on the front (in flaking gold letters)-





Armed with such an impressive package, how could they not be impressed?! I arrived at the interview only to be led into a waiting room filled with nervous recent art school graduates, fidgeting with their portfolios. Trendy dressers all, talking amongst themselves about the schools they graduated from, the exhibit they almost attained and how they really need this job. One woman asked me where I had obtained my degree.

"I have a philosophy degree. The young Marx dreamed that every man would one day be an artist, so here I am!"

I then showed her my portfolio with its funereal decoration. "Didn't cost me a cent, you see?"

She obviously thought I was crazy, but that was nothing compared to what the interviewer thought. He asked about my "curious-looking" portfolio. I gazed it and said, "Yes, I only wish I was as talented as the guy who did the lettering on this!"

I then showed him my sample window display sketches. I explained that my work "captures the speeding moment of the new dynamic of late capitalism." I then produced a sketch which showed a big banner featuring Benneton and Levi's logos (I clipped them from a magazine) with the words "COME SPEND YOUR MONEY AT THIS SHOP AND NOT ANOTHER SHOP ELSEWHERE!". The "winter fashions" display had a similar banner, with the words "WINTER IS HERE. KEEP WARM. BURN FIRES AND BUY EXPENSIVE WINTER CLOTHING!!!" Oh yes, another sketch featured a banner in hot pink which stated, "IF YOU CAN'T AFFORD THESE, JUST KEEP WALKING!"

The interviewer was becoming more and more enraged. Finally he yelled, "Are you nuts or is this a joke???? Tell me, did Diedre in Supply put you up to this??? I bet it was Diedre! I knew it! That Diedre!"

"Well, no," I said, "I don't know who Diedre is. I am a very talented artist and I deserve to have the job. I want to make capitalism glamorous! I can work with any color of clothing you can name. If you give me a few minutes, I can sketch you my conception of a runway fashion show with a autumnal theme ..."

Wouldn't you know it - he threw me out of his office then and there. A few weeks later, I happened to pass by this shop and took notice of the window displays. Very boring. I really WAS much more imaginative than whoever it was they ended up hiring. Who would've thought?

Perhaps Holger and I can introduce the Ascot fashions next season.