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writing invitation

quite some stories have already found their way into this writing forum. do not hesitate to activate your keyboard and keep us stunningly gazing on the screen.

writing invitation
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Possible music interpretations

Listening some pieces from Linear City or New Millennium album
you would think U-She experimenting with her voice to a kind of
ceremonial language or reading spells that seems like an unspe-
cified kind of african voodoo black magic that would be encoded
to complex rhythms patterns in a computerized format or
vice versa.

I would think an computer-afro rhythm digital voodoo
post-industrialized kind of music form in an uncodified format
where you can sing over and experimenting with . As it seems
wouldn't permitted by chief sorcerers releasing them officially,
like it would finally leading them to destructive lunacies or
just killing them to death - who knows ?