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quite some stories have already found their way into this writing forum. do not hesitate to activate your keyboard and keep us stunningly gazing on the screen.

writing invitation
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yr sweet lil' betty from San Francisco goes finally to Cologne!!! end of October

Dear Holger and Ushe,

I miss you very dearly and hope that you are well. i have just moved to New York to work for Leo Koenig Inc. a gallery. i will be at ARt Cologne from Oct. 25- Nov. 2, during which is my 30th Birthday and would love to see you. please if you can email respond with yr contact info, and words of how you both are doing would be soooooo amazing.

ps. holger, i recently screened the little DVD that you gave me at a festival that i started in San Francisco along w/ other great videos.. yrs was such a breath of fresh air and funny!!

thanks .. i hope to hear from you soon.. luv, "Beautiful Betty"