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quite some stories have already found their way into this writing forum. do not hesitate to activate your keyboard and keep us stunningly gazing on the screen.

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The Weasle & The Bear

There once was a little weasle who use to go to the woods to find something to eat each afternoon. One day he ran across a big black bear looking fierce and angry. The bear looked down with hungry eyes on the weasle. The weasle held his breath thinking this was certainly the end. The bear suddenly spoke to the weasle saying, " I should eat you, you know... but you are just a weasle and you don't taste very good." The bear turned and started to walk away.

Now the weasle who was a second ago very scared and shaking suddenly became mad at what the bear had said. The weasle yelled at the bear, "HEY!!! HEY!!! What do you mean I'm JUST A WEASLE and I don't taste any good?! Who do you think you are.. you are just a stupid bear who thinks he knows it all!"

The bear stopped and turned around facing the weasle with a frown on his face. He bent down and grabbed the weasle holding him up very close to his face.

The bear said, "You know... I don't like the taste of weasles so I normally just like to scare the hell out of little idiots like yourself, but if there is one thing I can't stand is a weasle that doesn't act like a WEASLE. So you had your chance, Mr. Weasle to just act like a weasle, but no, you just had to go and pop off like some big shot in the woods. BUT... you are in luck. You will get another chance to act like a true weasle in the next world when you stand before the Animal God and he asks you if you have been a good weasle. Yes, you will get another chance to "WEASLE" your way out of that situation too. Remember... Act like a weasle. Lie like hell."

So the bear tossed the weasle against a tree killing him and the bear want off into the woods in search of something good to eat.

So, what happened to the weasle in the next world?
Good question... Guess we will find out someday. My guess is the weasle returned to his true form and tried to "weasle" his way out of yet another sticky situation.

Now that I think about it... I know a lot of weasles too.