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Had court today...

I had court today over child support and maintenance that is owed to me. And many other things. But just couldnt get it all in today. I testified and then my lawyer called him to the stand and he was questioned. His lawyer didnt get a chance to cross or call anyone yet. We go back in a month to finish the hearing. So, my contempt is still on hold from back in April. He has filed to change the preliminary agreement, and that still stands, which is good for me. I know he lied a lot on the stand today. My lawyer wants to try and get him with perjury. I know of atleast one incident I can get him on, but it will take my 21 yr old son to testify. He is high functioning autistic and gets nervous and scared easily. He wants to do the right thing, and he knows that what his step dad has done is wrong and he is hurt that his step dad would lie about him like he has. I feel so bad for him, he has been thru so much with all of this. His step dad that he has known since he was 5 yrs old, pretty much has nothing to do with him. Only time he wants to talk to him is to get to me. My stbx wants to take everything away from me. We have a daughter that he said he wanted custody of and lost that battle. But he will do such mean hateful things that effect her just to get at me. My mother says there needs to be a law against him. Wish there was one. I just want to be left alone, and for him to take on an adult role for our daughter instead of acting like a child. He wants everything but dont give nothing. He is very self centered and selfish. Our counselor has said that he has a hard time accepting reality. That scares me. I worry everyday he is going to do something. My worst fear is the worst of all. Not sure if he will be able to keep losing battles and stay in control. I have had reasons for a RO in the past but never filed it. Not sure if I could still get one now since he has seemed to leave me alone personally but he still wants to do other things like have water turned off. I just want to be left alone and be done with this divorce, but I know I cannot just let him get by with everything he has done and cheated me on.